What other owners love about their FiveStar

  1. Clean, simple appearance. No flashing lights, LEDs, LCDs, or other distracting electronics that are unnecessary.
  2. Burners burn HOT when necessary. Can perfectly sear fish and meat in short time. (Definitely need a strong hood motor.)
  3. Oven gets hot quickly. Often it is pre-heated before whatever I'm putting in it is ready to go. No waiting around for it to get hot.
  4. Could get it in custom black enamel finish. Did not want a kitchen dominated by stainless but also did not want to compromise on quality appliances.
  5. A solid and purpose-built tool for cooking that is really a joy to use. From boiling water for morning coffee to cooking a complicated multi-course meal, it is just plain fun using this range!

David King

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