What other owners love about their FiveStar

  1. Reliable Power- My Five Star is a consistent power hitter. Whether I'm canning preserves or boiling lobster, I know I can count on my stove to give me the power I need to get it done.
  2. Versatility- I can slow simmer specialty foods overnight if I want to, or pan sear a roast for finishing in the oven. Fried fish or fig preserves, my Five Star can handle it!
  3. Customization- I needed a propane unit. I was able to get the exact Five Star I wanted, direct from the factory. That's service!!
  4. Style- My Five Star is a good-looking cooktop. It is easy to clean and it cleans up well. Even after years of heavy use, it still looks good. A stylish powerhouse that is built to last. That's sexy.
  5. And finally, I love that my Five Star is MADE IN THE USA! This was a deciding factor for me when I was choosing a cooktop for my new home. I was happy to be able to support American manufacturing while getting a quality product.

Charmaine v Zee

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