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In three easy steps:

You've dreamed about having a custom range. Now let's make it a reality. In just three easy steps, we'll help you create your one-of-a-kind range just the way you dreamed it.

Choose your product, style, accessories, hood and trim kit to create a custom FiveStar range or cooktop.

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Freestanding Range

From sleek design and professional quality to unrivaled versatility and performance, FiveStar ranges deliver everything you need to unlock your culinary potential.


The ultimate accessory for any dream kitchen – a FiveStar cooktop offers the widest range of burner power and a reversible griddle/grill to have you cooking like a pro.

Choose Your Style

A variety of style options ensure you have all of the tools you need to unleash your genius.



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Step 1 - Product: Change

Product: Freestanding Range

Step 2 - Style: Change

Model: TTN310-7BW

Size: 36"

Burners: Open

Fuel Type: Duel Fuel

Gas: Propane

Color: Black

Trim: Stainless Steel

Burner options: 6



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Now that you have selected your perfect range or cooktop, you can explore other options and accessories. To choose your hood, blower, and other ventilation components, visit our ventilation page. To select other accessories like a wall-mount backsplash or side trim, check out the accessories section.

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